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Hi, I’m Todd. My team, and I, provide only the highest quality custom development for WordPress and WooCommerce. We are “get things done, and do it right” developers. We don’t work too fast, or too slow. We make sure the job gets done, and gets done right. We provide solutions that range from software development, to deploying, and maintaining, the entire server network for high performance websites.

Hire Todd Lahman WordPress and Search Engine Optimization Consultant

WordPress and WooCommerce

  • Custom WordPress plugin, and WooCommerce Extension, development.
  • Custom RESTful, and SOAP, API development.
  • Custom programming in PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Java, Python, and C.
  • Publicly available work samples:

Server Administration

  • Memcached, OPcache (PHP 5.5 or greater), PHP-FPM, and Nginx. Apache will be replaced with Nginx. Redis is not used for e-commerce sites, since it currently has some issues clearing the cache under some circumstances.
  • Nginx compiled with HTTP/2 for sites that use only HTTPS.
  • Amazon Linux, RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux operating system administration.
  • MySQL, Percona, MariaDB database administration.
  • Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, RackSpace.
  • Complex DNS setups, including DNS load balancing, Nginx, HAProxy, and hardware load balancing.
  • Server, and network, management long-term. All system administrator tasks.
  • System architecture design and implementation.

Increase Website Speed

  • We specialize in high traffic web sites utilizing server, database, CDN, and on-page customization to deliver maximum performance, while also reducing cost and administration time. We can also speed up large WooCommerce stores. Below are some samples of how www.toddlahman.com performs. Test it for yourself.

WooCommerce Code Contributions

WordPress Code Contributions

    • Accepted file types: txt, zip, gzip, doc, pdf.
    • Server builds and maintenance, for high traffic, and high availability websites, start at $2,500 then $2,500 per month. This service includes strategies to increase site speed and performance.

      Please review the pricing list for services.