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Search Engine Ping Benefits:

  1. Immediately get new content indexed by search engines, most importantly Google.
  2. Get more targeted search engine traffic.

What if you could turn on a firehose of traffic to your blog? Would you still be satisfied with a trickle?

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Getting a new, or existing, content indexed by search engines is not an easy task. As part of a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy pinging search engines tops the list of priorities. Without a search engine ping, search engines will not index new content, or reindex changed content, for sometimes weeks. Search Engine Ping notifies search engines every time you update, change, or add new, content.

WordPress has a feature that is supposed to ping search engines, but it only does so when you create a new post. We tested it, and found it did not properly ping the Ping-o-Matic service that is used as the default entry. In fact, the ping service built into WordPress could not ping any search engines properly, which is why Search Engine Ping was created, to provide proper search engine ping service. It is impossible to properly ping search engines without the assistance of a plugin like Search Engine Ping.

Search Engine Ping is the only plugin that can properly ping all the important search engines to help bring more targeted traffic to your blog.

Sitemap Submission

Search Engine Optimization Settings

The plugin will notify the right search engines when your sitemap has changed immediately. When a news feed is required rather than a sitemap, the plugin will notify the services that have this requirement automatically.

Search Engine List

If there is ever a search engine, or ping service, that does not appear be to working, it can be checked using the Manual Ping Check button located on the plugin settings page.

Ping Results Per Post/Page

Each post, or page, will display the ping results showing success or failure to each search engine group.

Installation and Upgrades

This is a WordPress plugin, which you can upload and install through your WordPress dashboard under the Plugins menu. After the plugin is installed it can be updated automatically through your WordPress dashboard, just like any other WordPress plugin.


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