WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes Changelog

2023.08.14 – version 2.9.1

  • Fix: Process custom menu array using if > elseif > else rather than switch to fix PHP notices: Undefined index, Undefined array key.

2023.04.28 – version 2.9

  • New: Added ability to create custom menus and submenus for license/API key activation form.
  • New: Added activation stats, total activations, total purchased activations, total activations remaining.
  • New: Added activation error displayed from the store server during an unsuccessful activation attempt.
  • New: Added error message either from the store server or local server on the activation form to aid in troubleshooting.

2022.12.19 – version 2.8.2

  • Fix: Mispelled word in error message.
  • Tweak: Updated API endpoint query example Postman collection to include new product_list API endpoint.

2021.07.09 – version 2.8.1

  • Fix: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool. PHP warning fixed by checking if the API Key string is not empty before using the string to access the api_key element in an array.

2020.12.17 – version 2.8

  • New: Updated so both Parent and Child themes can have activated API Keys at the same time, and can do a theme update at the same time, provided each have had their API Keys activated and remain activated. See online doc for correct setup.
  • New: Auto-Updates now available for Plugins, and Parent and Child Themes, as was introduced in WP 5.5.

2020.08.24 – version 2.7.3

  • Tweak: Minor code improvements/revisions.
  • Tweak: Removed pre 2.0 migration code.
  •  Fix: Fixed a few PHP warnings.

2019.11.29 – version 2.7.2

  • Tweak: Make migration failure instructions more detailed and specific to plugin or theme.
  • Tweak: Format ‘plugin’ or ‘theme’ string to lower case to insure proper string format.

2019.09.04 – version 2.7.1

  • Tweak: Changed the Plugin header file name to match directory name.

2019.08.07 – version 2.7

  • New: Major update for API Manager version 2.1 and greater.
  • New: https://www.postman.com/ collection template file added. The preconfigured .json file can be imported into Postman to make it easy to test the API functions. Server URL, and keys/values will need to be modified specific to your product and server.

2019.07.26 – version 2.6

  • New: Replaced ‘request’ API Key for actions with ‘wc_am_action’ to match new query string key in API Manager 2.1 API.

2019.05.09 – version 2.5.2

  • Fix: $this->plugin_or_theme moved up so $this->identifier can evaluate $this->plugin_or_theme value.

2019.05.09 – version 2.5.1

  • Tweak: Update get_api_key_status() to use new API data format.
  • Tweak: Get $this->identifier value based on whether plugin or theme value has been set for the object.
  • Tweak: activation() method modified to prevent instance being generated more than once.
  • Tweak: Other minor code changes.
  • New: Add filter wc_am_client_uninstall_disable.
  • New: Add filter wc_am_client_inactive_notice_override.

2019.3.25 – version 2.5

  • Fix: Leave wp_safe_remote_post() sslverify to default value of on.

2019.3.25 – version 2.4

  • Tweak: get_api_key_status() can query live or saved.
  • Tweak: Set wp_safe_remote_post() values timeout to 15 and sslverify to off.

2019.3.14 – version 2.3

  • New: When $product_id is an empty string in data sent to the library, a Product ID form field will be displayed to allow the customer to enter the product_id manually.

2019.1.7 – version 2.2

  • Fix: Moved $this->wc_am_activated_key = $this->data_key . ‘_activated’; above is_admin() since it would fail for frontend checks.

2019.1.7 – version 2.1

  • Added get_api_key_status() method.

2018.9.8 – version 2.0

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce API Manager 2.x.

2016.12.31 – version 1.1

  • Fix: Moved activation notice into if is_admin() evaluation block to eliminate a PHP warning.

2016.06.17 – version 1.0

  • First release of the vastly simplified, and combined, plugin and theme drop-in library.