WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes Changelog

2020.12.17 – version 2.8

  • New: Updated so both Parent and Child themes can have activated API Keys at the same time, and can do a theme update at the same time, provided each have had their API Keys activated and remain activated. See online doc for correct setup.
  • New: Auto-Updates now available for Plugins, and Parent and Child Themes, as was introduced in WP 5.5.

2020.08.24 – version 2.7.3

  • Tweak: Minor code improvements/revisions.
  • Tweak: Removed pre 2.0 migration code.
  •  Fix: Fixed a few PHP warnings.

2019.11.29 – version 2.7.2

  • Tweak: Make migration failure instructions more detailed and specific to plugin or theme.
  • Tweak: Format ‘plugin’ or ‘theme’ string to lower case to insure proper string format.

2019.09.04 – version 2.7.1

  • Tweak: Changed the Plugin header file name to match directory name.

2019.08.07 – version 2.7

  • New: Major update for API Manager version 2.1 and greater.
  • New: https://www.postman.com/ collection template file added. The preconfigured .json file can be imported into Postman to make it easy to test the API functions. Server URL, and keys/values will need to be modified specific to your product and server.

2019.07.26 – version 2.6

  • New: Replaced ‘request’ API Key for actions with ‘wc_am_action’ to match new query string key in API Manager 2.1 API.

2019.05.09 – version 2.5.2

  • Fix: $this->plugin_or_theme moved up so $this->identifier can evaluate $this->plugin_or_theme value.

2019.05.09 – version 2.5.1

  • Tweak: Update get_api_key_status() to use new API data format.
  • Tweak: Get $this->identifier value based on whether plugin or theme value has been set for the object.
  • Tweak: activation() method modified to prevent instance being generated more than once.
  • Tweak: Other minor code changes.
  • New: Add filter wc_am_client_uninstall_disable.
  • New: Add filter wc_am_client_inactive_notice_override.

2019.3.25 – version 2.5

  • Fix: Leave wp_safe_remote_post() sslverify to default value of on.

2019.3.25 – version 2.4

  • Tweak: get_api_key_status() can query live or saved.
  • Tweak: Set wp_safe_remote_post() values timeout to 15 and sslverify to off.

2019.3.14 – version 2.3

  • New: When $product_id is an empty string in data sent to the library, a Product ID form field will be displayed to allow the customer to enter the product_id manually.

2019.1.7 – version 2.2

  • Fix: Moved $this->wc_am_activated_key = $this->data_key . ‘_activated’; above is_admin() since it would fail for frontend checks.

2019.1.7 – version 2.1

  • Added get_api_key_status() method.

2018.9.8 – version 2.0

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce API Manager 2.x.

2016.12.31 – version 1.1

  • Fix: Moved activation notice into if is_admin() evaluation block to eliminate a PHP warning.

2016.06.17 – version 1.0

  • First release of the vastly simplified, and combined, plugin and theme drop-in library.