Prevent Duplicate Form Submissions with jQuery

Some shopping cart forms will allow buyers to click the buy/submit button more than once, resulting in multiple charges to the same person, and irritation. There is a simple way to prevent duplicate form submissions using jQuery. This script prevents a form from being submitted twice, except when using Firefox 3.x, which will submit the […]

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Plugin Upgrade Failed WordPress

When the plugin upgrade failed message appears in WordPress it can be the start of a long process to finally come to a resolution. There are a lot of solutions offered, but rarely will any point to your server/host FTP server software settings. Often times it can be something as simple as putting users into […]

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bbpress Cannot View Private or Hidden Forums

After bbpress version 2.1.3 there was a change to the default user role, which is now Participant. After the upgrade the user Forum Role will be listed on some installations as “No Role for These Forums,” which causes those users to see a 404 error page when visiting Private or Hidden Forums. Even the Administrator […]

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WordPress Delete All Spam Comments

WordPress comes with the ability to delete all spam comments, but not all the comment types you may want to delete all at once as a batch. This process can be simplified by using phpMyAdmin to execute SQL queries that complete the job quickly, and without the memory overhead WordPress can create when it attempts […]

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The Plugin Generated x Characters of Unexpected Output During Activation

While developing a new WordPress plugin I ran into a common problem when the plugin was activated. The following message popped up: The plugin generated 1616 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin. The most common […]

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