Simple Comments 1.4 Has Been Released

It has been a while, but we want you to know Simple Comments 1.4 has been released. It is possible you aren’t seeing the update in WordPress. If that is the case you can login to your My Account dashboard, go to API Downloads and get a fresh copy right now, and don’t forget to […]

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the import org.junit cannot be resolved in Eclipse

When creating a Java project, or importing an existing Java project, that uses JUnit tests in Eclipse, you may run into the error message: the import org.junit cannot be resolved The error results when properly attempting to import JUnit with lines like the following: import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals; import static; The error occurs because the […]

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WordPress Plugin Installation

WordPress Plugin Installation Installing a commercial paid-for plugin from a zip file for the first time can be a little confusing. A WordPress plugin installation from a zip file using the WordPress dashboard is quite simple once you know how. This guide should prove helpful, but it is not for customers, it is only […]

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