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WordPress Plugin Installation

WordPress Plugin Installation

Installing a commercial paid-for plugin from a zip file for the first time can be a little confusing. A WordPress plugin installation from a zip file using the WordPress dashboard is quite simple once you know how. This guide should prove helpful, but it is not for customers, it is only for self hosted installations of WordPress from

WordPress Plugin Installation Add New Plugin

 First go to Plugins > Add New.

Upload WordPress Plugin

 The search link is to find free plugins on Click on the Upload link.

Select WordPress Plugin File

Now select the plugin zip file to install.

Safari Preferences


If you don’t see a .zip file, but only see a directory you will not be able to complete the installation until you find the zip file. If you are using the Safari web browser, go to Safari > Preferences.

Uncheck Safari Open Files

 Under the General tab of Safari preferences, Uncheck the box for Open “safe” files after downloading… This will prevent Safari from opening the plugin zip file after it is download, so it will remain a zip file that can be uploaded to WordPress, and will not be converted to a directory that cannot be uploaded to WordPress.

Install WordPress Plugin Button

 Once you have selected the plugin zip file click the Install Now button.

WordPress Plugin Installation Activate Plugin

If the installation completed successfully you should see the screen above. All you need to do now is click the Activate Plugin link.

WordPress Plugin Activated

Now you can edit the plugin settings. The plugin settings can be under Settings, have their own top level menu link and icon, or the settings could be under another top level menu item. Consult your plugin’s documentation for more information about the configuration settings for your plugin.

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